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Shipping will start in the middle of Dec This zine was born out of a conversation on how picture books for children today are mostly generic, introducing fruit, animals or vehicles. What about picture books with nice illustrations for children in Asia ? FOOD&DRINK HONG KONG is our small attempt at introducing food culture in Hong Kong to children—and even adults. The text is by Wee Ling Soh in Singapore and the illustration and design by Takako Masuki of ASIAN_FOOD_DESIGN. Takako’s husband is from Hong Kong and they live in Tokyo. Wee Ling lived in Hong Kong for three years in the 2010’s. She feels the city has changed so quickly, it sometimes pains those who are nostalgic. *text in English — Details —- Printed with Risograph(By Retro printing JAM) Colour: 2 colours No.of pages: 36pages Paper : 64g/m2 thin paper Size: A5 Text: English by Wee Ling Illustrations and design by ASIAN_FOOD_DESGIN(Takako Masuki) Made in Japan Copyright @Wee Ling&Takako Masuki — Remarks — *Every print is slightly different and the colour will be uneven because of a Risograph printing which makes every print unique. *Colour in the photo is slightly different from the product. *Books are hand-binding. The margin of error is approximately 1.0cm. *My shop processes orders from Monday to Friday(except on Japanese national holidays). — Shipping — All orders are shipped from Japan, Tokyo. I will start shipping in the middle of Dec 2022. For international shipping, it may take up to 2~3 weeks (Shipping by Japan post). However, this is a guide only. Please allow up to 4 weeks for you to receive your order. If you require fast and safe shipping, please send me a message. (Because of post-service problems, it will take more time than usual) Thank you :D 香港の食文化を子供や大人に紹介する絵本Zineです。シンガポールのライターWee Lingが文章を書き、私がイラストとデザインを担当しました。Wee Lingは過去に香港に数年住んだことがあり、その時の思い出の料理や私が香港人の夫と香港で食べた料理などを選んでいます。変わりゆく香港の記憶に留めたい料理たちです。 *文章は主に英語 — 仕様 — 印刷:リソグラフ(レトロ印刷JAM) 色:2色印刷 ページ:各36ページ(表紙裏表紙除く) サイズ:A5 本文紙の厚さ: 64g/m2(コピー用紙ぐらいです)二つ折り 日本製 Copyright @ASIAN_FOOD_DESIGN — 注意点 — ・印刷はリソグラフでの印刷のため一枚一枚微妙な差があります、また色ムラがところどころございます ・色はパソコン画面で見る場合と実際では多少異なることがございます ・冊子は手製本のため、ズレなどが多くございます。ご了承ください ・当ショップは土日祝日は休店のため、発送作業やお返事は平日となります ー発送ー 2022年12月中旬から発送を開始します。当商品は普通郵便にて発送いたします。

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